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Growing up in a family with an medical professional (my mom)I surely made up my mind that one day I would become a nurse. After watching my mom take care and aid the sick in her home, I knew I wanted to become more hands-on with patients. While still in high school, I helped my mother aid to the sick in our home, I helped with little jobs as needed around the house. Being surrounded on a daily basis by this kind of environment is what made me want to become a caregiver. After high school I attend the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to become a RN. Although at the time my dream fell throw my fingers due to a car accident years down the line, a job fell into my lap at a home care/housing facility where I assisted the elderly in their home. I must say working there was very inspirational; not only did it open my eyes to the world, but it gave me the opportunity to help those who couldn't help themselves. This is what prompted me to further my education in caregiving by attending CNA school. I became a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and started working at a nursing home/rehabilitation center. I quickly learned that CNA job are different - but it challenged me to push myself harder and give 100% at all times. Now, I'm in school (lose CNA due to not renewing them because of school and can show them) to become an LVN I'm starting to see myself finally reaching my goal and help those in need. But as of now, being a caregiver is such an honor - it's all about putting away your needs to assist others. Knowing that a smile on your face can bring joy and happiness to someone else is priceless. The moments when you can reflect back and see how you have helped someone is what caregiving is all about.