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I find giving care the most beautiful and joyous profession currently which its value is hidden in terms of accomplishment and compensation. As a high energy individual, I love keeping myself busy with every time possible. I do a lot of reading and writing, involve in volunteering and most importantly learning from my environment by seeking through questions which can improve me personally as person. I became attracted to caregiving in a very young age growing up with my grandmother it taught me a lot on life lessons, for I did reckon then for you to provide assistance to some is the only way you probably would get assistance for yourself it's a simple law of cause and effect. So whatsoever you sow then most definitely that'd be exactly what you are going to reap. Being a care giver has improved me a lot not only as a profession but as a survival to daily livelihood. it teaches you to develop love, care, patience and not the least peace. This our traits that are very limited in most jobs considering the current trends of our present society it's so difficult to find people these days who have time since it seems everything is fast paced. I haven't really written much about myself not because I don have anything to talk about who I am but because I recognize you are a better person if your actions testify for you. I love helping people because I expect the same results in turn. I find nothing which makes me happier rather than doing what I love doing which is providing care and assistance to others regardless of whosoever. To end this I think this this the most changeling aspects to human development and if am doing a job that not only challenges me professionally but also test my actions, attitude and morals then I think I am in the right course in life I am so proud of everything already is.