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Hi My name Is Jean and Im a CNA licensed in Washington. Also, I had my degree in Edmonds College Wa (AA Certificate) in a pre-nursing requirement classes. So far, I've been doing a caregiving job for seniors , provides care one on one in which I enjoyed to do. I have been working with seniors with different kind of illnesses for 10+ years experienced. I loved my job so much so I decided to pursued my dreams as a caregiver and furthermore took some classes and became a CNA. After that, I realized that after I became a Nurse Assistant it was not only about making money ,but the value of worked and effort you put in was rewarding than I thought before.To be able to help others at work ,respect patients privacy and dignity, safe environment and have a good communication has made a big difference in caregiving field where I worked. The knowledge of caregiving I had through intensive classes in the past was really helpful and made easier for me to use at my work. In addition, my experienced working with seniors has helped me to improved ones live not only in rehab facilities but in their home as well. I have all credential( skills/training/ certificate and resume) that are required in WA state. From this point, I believe families would have an idea what your love one will experience if we all come to decision of caregiving job with me. If there any changes that you would like to add as part of the care or activity please do so. Please tell me little more about him/her so I have an idea what Is suitable for patients in care. Thank you very much and God bless you! Sincerely, Jean P

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)