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I became a caregiver because I intended to go into Pediatrics as an ICU nurse and that seemed like the logical first step to get a foot in the door. I didn't have a clue what I was stepping into. Honestly, after going through clinical I had no desire to ever use my certification. That is, until I was in a pickle and in need of a full time job. So I broke down and applied for my first CNA position even though I dreaded a work environment that seemed so heartbreaking (apparently I had just had my clinical at an awful facility). Over my two years as a CNA I got the opportunity to experience the most incredible, and some of the deepest relationships that were formed with those whom was taking care of. I have worked in two assisted living centers and have cared for all levels of care within those centers. The reason I left my fist place of work was because of the driving time to get there. I transferred to a closer center which had a lock down dementia unit with one employee taking care of the 8 residents ranging from level 1 to level 3 care with 7 on hospice care. I was the only employee to be with them every shift that I worked. Five days a week I woke them up and got them to the restroom, got them dressed, washed their faces and put moisturizer on, gave them oral care, brushed their hair, made their beds, organized their things, cleaned their nails and hands and let them relax doing their morning routines (television, puzzles, watching the sunrise and drinking coff