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Before I became a caregiver, I was a caregiver student first. The question is why did I choose to study caregiving? It seems that my interest, my love for this job comes naturally in me. I love to taking care of other people to make other people comfortable, happy and satisfied so I find joy in doing so. Being a caregiver is my way of earning a living. Aside from the fact of earning my living, I also earn friendship & family like relationship. Almost all of my client & their families became close to me. They treated me like family & so did I. Even when my client is gone or passed away but their family are still in contact & whenever they needed my assistance I'm always there to help in any ways I can. My personal achievement is that i am a good husband and a proud father of my daughter who works as an RN at a well known hospital. I am a very caring person with good interpersonal relationship. As a filipino it is in our culture to take care of our elderly. So being a caregiver is not really a job to me because this is what we do and love to do it. I've had years of experiences with different clients and different cases such as dementia-alzheimers disease, parkinson disease, prostate cancer, stroke, bed-ridden, pressure sore, hospice care, diabetes and others. I am a very handy person I have knowledge of automotive mechanic, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and an Uber rideshare chauffeur driver and other household maintenance.