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I became a caregiver because I have a gift in caregiving meaning I was put here to help others. This is my calling and I am good at what I do. The love I give to my patients is ginuwine .I like caregiving because when I help someone get better or complete daily activities makes me feel good inside. To know I was apart of their healing is a blessing in itself.My personal achievement was going to college while maintaining a Job and being a full-time parent. Even when life threw me for loops during that process and I am proud to say I still accomplished my goal. We'll every since I was a lil girl I had a strong liking for any thing that related to medical. I can remember one time helping a bird that fell out of the tree when my friends wanted to torcher it. helping my mom get over the flu by bringing her the flu med, water and soup and she told me I was 5 yrs old when I did that, I thought I was about 9. As I got older my liking for medical became stronger, I started studying illnesses, home remedies, diseases and how to prevent them. Someone said that I should be a dr. And I did want to become a dr but got I to school for a CNA. During that time I found that I had a gift for helping others. the Cna coordinator told me that I should of been a nurse. it would say I will but life throws so many loops that I remained a CNA. I love working with older ppl cause I learn from them. I like talking to them to learn their life as well.