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I think I'm a great caregiver because I genuinely care about my clients, their wellbeing, their safety, and their happiness. I'm an excellent problem-solver, communicator, listener, and observer. I enjoy using these skills to help people who need it. It's difficult and, in many ways, not terribly fun being dependent and in need of assistance, and after observing caregivers be impatient and kind of rude and rough with my childhood friend's grandmother, I found that I liked helping make life easier and more enjoyable for the elderly and otherwise vulnerable. Not enough people pay them any mind after a point, which can be isolating and depressing. Everyone deserves companionship and attention and to be helped when they cannot help themselves. A small personal achievement that also happened to double as a work achievement was when I had a dimensia client not too long ago who's favorite thing to do was try to \\"escape\\" the \\"hotel\\" he thought we were in that was really just his retirement community. Calming and distracting him were daily struggles. Meanwhile in my personal life, I'd just learned to play a song called Fur Elise and this was a personal achievement. Personal and professional converged when my client and I found ourselves in a room with a piano and he wanted to go but I started to play and he loved it and stayed. I played and he listened for over an hour, then we took a break and came back to it later that day and whenever he felt restless everyday after that, and it worked so wonderfully. I'd play the few songs I knew and practice others over and over and he'd watch and listen totally entranced and filled with compliments.