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My goal is to provide both physical and emotional support to each person in a way that promotes both their well being, comfort and dignity while assisting them to engage in their daily life. I am a CNA in a hospital, which has given me great experience working with a diverse population of people. I have also worked as an in-home caregiver and have experience with both overnights and days. The quality of my care really thrives in one-on-one connection, which is where my strengths of attentiveness, compassion and personalism really come to life. One of my other strengths is flexibility in adapting care to a person's individual needs. I went to school to pursue my nursing assistant certification after working as a case worker in a transitional living home. After a family member passed away, I was touched by her experience and the care that the health care team worked together to provide. I wanted to take my compassion in action and apply it to another practical context. Being a CNA to me, beyond the technicalities, is the precious opportunity to be part of someone's support system in a very unique way, which is something I deeply value. I take pride in being able to devote time and space to helping someone feel comfortable and supported in their own care plan, which is why I am pursuing offering my services individually rather than continuing in a hospital. Both myself and my patients thrive in an environment in which we come to know each other more and become a team. I have worked with many people of varying ages, physical and mental abilities/disabilities. Some examples include dementia (early onset to end stage), diabetes, arthritis, patients with varying amputations (paraplegic to quadriplegic), patients who have preexisting mental health conditions (anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia), and assisting in the daily care/ activities of people ranging from independent/minimal assist to complete, dependent care. Message me with any questions.