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Hi I would say that I am a great caregiver I have been doing this for over eight years now. I am compassionate and caring observant and pay attention to detail. I care about the well-being of my patient and their interest. I can usually catch a lot of things that are going on before the patient or the family does a lot of times from the experience that I've had over the years of handling and dealing with the elderly. I actually just fell into caregiving I started taking care of my husband's grandfather which actually he was very close to and considered him a father figure and that's how it all started for me. And from there every patient that I've ever had her taken care of I've usually taken care of them until the end because I care for anybody I take care of like they're my own family. What I most enjoy about being a caregiver is knowing that I'm helping a human being make their life a little easier. Because as we all know when you get older you lose your Independence and that's harder on you so I'm here to help them and make them feel secure and not to feel like they're a burden. I would have to say one of the most proudest moments of my personal achievements is the fact that I know that every person that I've ever taken care of I know that they felt love from me and knew that I would be there for them and they wouldn't be alone if they needed it and I take pride and the care that I give to individuals. And my duties and responsibilities are always done and taken care of I don't lack on them either.