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WHAT MAKES ME A GREAT CAREGIVER Empathy and compassion. Working with people in a home care setting, I desire to help and make a difference in someones life. Patience. Am patience and understanding. Reliable. Count on me to be there to do my work/ provide care to your love one Trustworthy. Most people who need home care services are in a vulnerable position. I am trustworthy as well as in being trusted to keep the client’s information confidential. Flexible. I am flexible, prepared to go with the flow WHY DID I BECOME A CAREGIVER/ WHAT I LIKE BEING A CAREGIVER i like older adults and feel I get along well with a variety of elders, i like make a difference in someone’s life, like doing a variety of tasks in a day, i like making someone smile and doing little things to make a person’s day better, I take pride in your attention to detail. PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT I AM PROUD OF :- Provided exceptional palliative care to elderly patients, provided them with a happy and comfortable life, • Integrated a fun and interactive activities such as reading newspapers, watching movies, play bingo based unit in the residents’ activities program engendering better participation. • Coached and trained five of newly hired caregivers to deliver service excellence • Attained ‘Most cheerful award/ customer service Award by constantly maintaining excellence in care provision to residents

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Hi my name is Anastasia I have been in the medical field for many years. I started my training at a vocational school called Beattie Tech located in McCandless P.A. during my junior 09-10 and senior year 10-11 of high school at Shaler Area High School in pittsburgh pennsylvania. I acquired my CNA at 18years old after I graduated both Beattie Tech and Shaler high school in 2011. I've had experience in many areas as a CNA. I have experience in skilled care including rehabilitation, dementia and Alzheimer's, long term care, short term care and then private care as well I've worked as a supervisor overseeing my other coworkers and training them in private care facilities while distributing med and making sure paper work was caught up to date and that there was an open channel of communication with other care givers to ensure my patients were getting everything they need. I have made it half way through my associates degree in nursing in pennsylvania before moving out here to pendleton indiana in July of 2018. I am currently enrolled in ivytech at the anderson campus to continue my studies. I also am a licensed driver with a vehicle. I LOVE helping and healing I believe I've been given a gift that should not be wasted over the 7 years that I've had experience giving care to the people that need it nothing in the world makes me happier than helping the person I'm working with. I am very outgoing and empathetic to individuals and their environments. I have patience to work through the problems that they are having at a pace that is good for the person I'm caring for. I love the work I do and I hope you will too.