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I became a care giver because I enjoy working with people, and I have patient for people, every since I been a little girl I had to be deprived from doing things with my friends because I had to help care for my grandmother she raise me until she left me at the age of fifteen so that's why I feel that "God" have me here to help the needed people's in this world. What I like about being a care provider is knowing that I could help someone who's in need and that the family members could be releave knowing that they have someone that cares just as much as they do. My most personal achievement that I can say that I'm proud of is knowing the fact that I was created on this earth to help people and cherish every moment of knowing that I can put a smile on someone's face and that means a lot knowing you made someone feel good about themselves. Something that I can say about myself is that I'm smart intelligent bright minded and very religious I'm s mother, a wife, and a great grandmother I like to read, shop, get my hair, and nails done also go to the casino every so often and spend the little time I have left with my family and friends I don't have to much time to do anything to much with my time because I enjo working a lot and I have multiple of jobs that I do to make ends meet but other than that I'm just home and on my computer playing games.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant/CPR/Patient Care Tech.

well my name is Chelsey I'm only 14 years of age it may not seem as if I'm just 14 years old but I am I have a lot going for myself now & for my future a ahead of time what I look forward to doing things in my future after high school such things as plan A , becoming a motivational speaker , Plan B , becoming an home real estate, Plan C , having my own art gallery , Plan D , becoming an nurse , Plan E , owning my own nursing home business for elders & yes I have other plans on the side if that doesn't work out as well , I look forward too going too college also, I'll like to go for nursing , me personally I have too do something with my life , i want to go too Florida state too attend college as well I want too major in writing & go get my masters degree in healthcare & nursing . Yes iknow i might not find as many jobs at only 14 years old but why wait when I can start now and tell people my experience when I go even older . Anything I do I stay focus on it, I can multitask with my job also , I'm always on time, & im never late if I was too be late I'll have that responsibility too contact whom ever I work for, I feel like everything is coming from the heart with me anything I do is just because that's my heart , I feel as if as long as I'm living I will always want to help & encourage people around me , by showing them whatever you put your mind to is worth it long as you have confidence, yes I'm very truth worthy, and whatever my oath is I will do, without an excuse of a doubt , that is some reasons why I think some people should hire me but also give me a shot at what I believe in . Has transportation