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I am a very sociable person with great compassion and passion of giving care.I am graduating next Monday as an Licenced practical Nurse. With my transition from a home health Aide to a Practical Nurse I have received vast knowledge ,skills and experience in the field which improves my quality of care .I am gifted with patience ,understanding and kindness which everyone admires and commends me for.Out of a personal experience,I drew the passion to give to care having being the only able person available to take care of my ailing grandmother with a terminal illness till her final days.It brought out a side of compassion and empathy in me I didn't know existed and it boosted my spirit of continuing with my nursing career for a lifetime.I enjoy when I am able to meet my goals of client interaction benefits and wellness,getting to interact with clients of all walks of nature and sharing appropriate lifetime experiences with my clients and bringing out the best in them.A moment I am really proud of is during my clinical experience in a particular nursing home,I was the only one as a student who was able to use therapeutic communication to bring back a patient who was buried in depression over loss of a significant other.Through talk compassion and a lot of understanding,I helped the patient open up,talk his heart out,start eating again as well as take medications again of which he had completely refused after learning of the loss of the significant other.Family is forever grateful for that deed.I am a certified Home Health Aide,CPR and First Aid certified,I am also a certified Mandated reporter.