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I became a caregiver because of my struggles in finding quality care for my aging ill parents. I live in the state of MD and they lived in Brooklyn New York. I am the eldest, of 7 and traveled (when possible) to and from Md/Brooklyn, New York; to provide the best care possible for them. As my younger siblings seemed to be struggled to care for them. I was a homeowner at the time here in Md after my retiring from LE. I heard about CNA/GNA and went back to school to get my license to adequately care for my parents before I brought them to Md and we all knew they wanted very much to be in a home environment, not a nursing facility. My folks never made it to here to Md. I miss them dearly.! Since that time I have been working as a CNA/GNA,, devoted to upgrading my experience and interpersonal communication skills in this capacity to be of service to others in ill health or circumstance providing at home quality care. I'm now in my Jr year of college in Pre Nursing. I always attempt to give 110% of my work ethic! What I like about being a caregiver is just that..Giving care. Quality Caring and serving the needs of individuals that can no longer adequately care for themselves but want to stay in their homes. My Personal Achievement: I once worked in a nursing facility Hospice unit and assisted a resident to eat after going on a hunger strike. She was a former Chef and restaurant owner. She said she was "dying" what was the point in her eating, and she said she had no appetite. This was around Easter holiday, I worked my Sat off day to have Sunday off because i was having a dinner party with family and friends. To stay in tradition i wanted to make roasted Lamb but I didn't quite no how. So I asked my hospice client how. As she began to tell her recipe, it made her hungry. I prepared a small meal that she ate. Two days later she passed. Her family was greatful for the care I gave but more importantly that she left having a last meal.
I am a duty conscious caregiver with a high sense of responsibility shown through assiduity and patience for three years. Experienced in providing excellent care for seniors and clients with illnesses and disabilities, with a very high sense of team spirit by lending a listening ear and considering others. I got into care giving without knowing I could build a career in it. It all started with taking care of my late grandfather with Alzheimer. He passed on in my arms. This gave me so much joy and made my mom and family so proud. To me, everybody, senior or those who have lost their independence is family. I mostly enjoy the fact that family members can confidently leave their loved ones in my care and go about their other activities without fear. I always fill so fulfilled when family members call my agency to ask if I can be sent back to them and made permanent. This is what happened with one of my clients. She was a 93 years old nice lady whose eleven children had been looking for a fitting caregiver. Before I came, she had rejected four caregivers within six weeks. I worked for two days, and she called two of her daughters asking them to ask my agency if I could go permanent with her. This was done. I cared for her like she was family to me, her children considered me like their little sister. For the fourteen months I worked with her, she was admitted into the hospital three times. Even while she was in the hospital, and did not really need our services, her children preferred to keep paying me sometimes for a month, because they never wanted me to be sent to another client. The day she passed on, one of her daughters called me, and later called to give me the funeral program. I was there for the wake, viewing, burial, reception and I was also invited for the family gathering. I still have a souvenir of hers given to me as a thank you from her family. I am proud and happy I could give her the care needed for her last days in the comfort of her house.