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Caring for others is what I love doing and it have given reasons to give back to the society.I am in school to become an RN why bc I have a passion to serve people. #VERY EMPATHETIC AND PATIENT. 1 I have a passion for putting others first. Seeing someone with an intellectual disability able to lead a happy, safe and fulfilling life is enough to make it all worthwhile. In essence, it's about making major beneficial changes to someone with an intellectual disability. Seeing them respond to their new environment - and the care and love that shapes it - provokes a feeling that must be experienced to be believed. And there's simply no reward quite like watching the smile emerge and hearing their laughter. Why? Because I care, and am blessed to be able to. Here's how it happened: I became a caregiver first when Mom was diagnosed with cancer. That was 10+ years ago. (She's 65 & was diagnosed in 2005 with Alz and cancer) I continue to be the full time caregiver,I left school to take care of her. Yes, Praise the Lord, He has givin me strength to make a difference here! . 2.Being a caregiver for years has helped me in so many ways, I have worked with people with different illneses in their homes and Nursing home Facilities, Private Duty,. I love what I do in helping each client I've ever worked with.iI am trustworthy,patient,honest,dedicated,enthausiastic and a compassionate care giver and always punctual at work..Care giving is a calling.I feel fulfilled taking care of people and it gives me great joy doing this everyday. 3.My greatest achievem
Since my childhood days I wanted to work in job where I would help others. Thus I wanted to enter in the healthcare industry right from early life. When I was young my grandmother became severely ill and she could not care for herself. So, my family contacted a health agency to hire someone to help her. My grandmother's health status has improved considerably after a nurse assistant came and I was very grateful to her. It was at this point that I found joy in helping others. When others fail, I give it 110% and achieve success. When I was doing my training I had formed a bonding with an elderly patient. One morning while caring for her I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right, though her vital signs were perfectly OK. So, I went ahead and talked to my supervisor. When the doctor turned up and checked he found out that lady was ill. My attention to details helped the patient. I am an easy going person who gets along with the people very well. This characteristic of mine has made me team player at all previous jobs. I'm very happy to have an opportunity to apply such skills and an inherent caring attitude. I have served the younger and the elderly,physically and mentally impaired with an immense passion and fulfillment. I seek to enrich the life of your loved one and ensure their well-being on a daily basis. I have experience caring for people with physical/mental disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer's,etc.. In-home, hospice care and general elderly care. I provide the following services( for live-in/live-out/ respite care) but not limited to: groceries, grooming, companionship,dental care, assist with all ADL, medication reminder, all duties as requested by patient. I hope I talk to you soon.
I work as an independent nursing assistant certified in Maryland and my home management and nursing care assistance experience for more than a decade has been very successful. I worked with some renowned agencies without supervision as I know what I do and like doing it cofidently. The bottom line is helping vulnerable people particularly elders some recovering from their various dilemmas of aging, many others unable to do for themslves what they did before and others confused and being unable to handle or do certain chores or activities of their daily living. My job which entails total or partial assistance with the above activities that includes but aren't limited to assisting with house chores, activities of daily living, assistance with mobility, keeping companion, monitoring blood pressure, wieght loss or gain, checking and reporting on imput and out of fluid and planning. Purchasing, preparation and serving the client meals. All these services bring back hope, confidence or genuine smiles on clients faces and make live easy, enjoyable and comfortable until recovery or definite departure of our beloved ones. I have earned names like ( my angel or my saviour) from my clients or their beloved simblings that makes a difference in my community. The best of all is this happiness I get within myself that keep me going when I offer these services and get these feed backs. The end results are my clients that are relieved, express happiness, joy and stay dignified with their selve esteemimal levels raised beyond bars. I am educated, honest, passionate and sociable and these traits have kept me hands on care giving for more than a decade after serving with renowned Health Care Companies around our community like Family and Nursing Care, Human Touch, The Washington Home etc . I am also currently certified with CPR. I will give the best care to any one in need efficiently and with dignity if given a chance.
Greetings, My name is Mado Ngoya. When I was in my country of origin, I saw my daughter, out of love, taking good care of her grand-mother, my mother in-law. In 2004 when I came into the US, I said, if my daughter could do it, I can do it better to serve people in need and be compensated to keep roof over my head. In 2006, I took nursing assistant classes at Montgomery college and graduated. Since then, I have been taking care of people in their homes or in the facilities. I worked for Friends House Community Center for 7 years, and I have been with a traditional agency since 2007. I have accumulated experiences throughout these years. Most of my cases ended because the clients passed away. I also challenged myself and took some college courses to prepare for nursing degree, but I decided to drop because of my family responsibilities. At my work, I like the communication I have with my clients, their family members, and my coworkers. This communication enriches my knowledge and enables me to meet new people and sometimes make friends. I feel very useful, especially when I care for a client from when he/she is strong until when he/she cannot lift his/her arm by him/herself. At this point we have build a relationship for being together almost every day and shared knowledge and memories; so I care like I care for my loved friend. I feel proud when I see appreciation in the eyes of family members and they express it in many ways like hugs and words of appreciation.