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I have always wanted to commit myself to doing something meaningful in my career and I felt that becoming a CNA wold provide that while I was in school for my bachelors and next for my masters in PA studies. To be spending my days helping sick people to feel well, to help educate people in how best to take care of themselves is something that has always spoken to me. Working as a CNA has been a great opportunity because it has confirmed in my mind what I had been anticipating, which is how much I look forward to working with patients. It has allowed me to be the positive presence that I want to be in people's lives. Leaving work every day knowing I made a difference not only in someone's life but in their well-being is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. Not only do I enjoy it because of the positive impact it allows me to make in their daily lives but also because of the way they impact me. Caring for them forces me to figure out the best way to help people feel better. Sometimes that means really learning to understand the effects of behavioral or cognitive disorders, and sometimes that means helping people cope with the pain, fear and anxiety that medical challenges can bring. It is challenging but deeply meaningful to care for patients because I get to develop a deeper understanding of how to improve the quality of life to people who rely on me and look to me for relief. My greatest personality traits and expertise that has helped me become a great caregiver is my constant open mindedness to grow and learn to become the best version of myself. My ability to bring a positive warm energy to work has allowed me to create a comfortable and safe environment for my patients. I am also a very driven and dedicated person who will not walk away from a problem until it is solved or keep working until I fulfill my dreams. My greatest personal achievement would be graduating with my bachelors in four years at the age of 22.