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I have always found myself happiest when in service of others. I served in the USMC 2001-2005, and after an Honorable Discharge, I have worked with several Emergency Medical Providers, to include Hospital and Fire Departments. I am well versed with Emergency procedures, but also the finer, personable and more gentle aspects of health care. I am very outgoing, and can strike up conversation with all ages in a respectful manner. In my 10+ years in an ambulance, I have found that easing ones worries with reassurance, and joyful conversation is the best way to alleviate a lot stress...and stress is a major role player in many patient symptoms. I have a knack for feeling out the personality/background of a person, and adapting my actions and communication to have a more productive relationship. I am married with 4 beautiful children, and my Wife is also in the healthcare field. We go to a small town Church, and live in a somewhat rural area. I also have 7 years as a skilled tradesman, so I am no stranger to fixing/repairing small to large projects, if they were to be encountered. My experience as a Father and Firefighter has given me skills in the kitchen preparing meals of all kinds. I am capable of lifting and moving large people with proper/safe techniques. I can relax with the best of them (reading aloud, watching TV, board games, chatting), but am able to be active for long periods of time without fatigue. My wife and I have both been the "go-to" people in our family for our Elders, as we have played an active role in their care-taking during their final years. My experience in the Emergency setting has given me instinct to interpret peoples signs and symptoms before they turn dire. If anything were to happen while I am a caregiver, I know exactly what to do while awaiting additional help. I have never been reprimanded or fired from any job.

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)