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I became a caregiver when my mother passed away in 1989, when I realized that I could not help my mother then I started talking to God in asking him to help me to be able to get into a class that I will be able to start helping others. Well has the days passed I first started my CNA classes in Knoxville Tenn. were I started working as a CNA for 3 years at Brakebill Nursing Home., after working there for 3 years then my father wanted me to move back to Charlotte, N.C. to be closer to him so I came back home. I waited for 1 year before I went to sign up to take the classes over again and thats when I met my spouse and he suggested that I go back to classes and get my CNA certification again so thats what I did. The thing that I like about being a good caregiver is that for some of your residents we are the only family that they have that really loves and care about them, we need to show them that we are not here to hurt them but we are here to help and car for them as if you where taking care of your own parents or a family member you would'nt anyone to mistreat your family member so why do it to someone else family member then. That I have been doing this type of work for a long time and that my church members and neighbors trust me with their parents and has also recommended me to their friend.Im 51 years old, have 2 daughters 28 and 30, with 2 lovely grand kids, I love the type of work I do, friendly gets along with everyone and loves making people laugh, Im a good listener