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Im a positive outgoing person and full of energy maybe to much. That's one of the reasons why I feel I can make a difference in others lives. I have enough positivity and energy to share with everyone. While being in highschool I took a nursing class which allowed me to volunteer at the nursing home near my school which was amazing to me ! Everyone said I loved it way more than I should but they don't get to see the most amazing things that come from helping others! I also went to a elementary school that was down the road from my school which allowed me to volunteer with special education and pre development with pre schoolers. That also was so amazing im so lucky I had the chance to do that and or be allowed. So with all that I decided to go to Tide Water Community college in Virginia Beach and get my CNA. Which was the best choice I ever made. I will be finished by October 31 or November 10 we're waiting for an evaluator to pick up our testing date. While taking this class I have been doing clinicals at a nursing home near the school. I wasn't there long and after two days I had already fallen in love with all the residents. I love helping people and Its something that comes naturally to me. I love how they become family and to me it's helping me learn how to appreciate the little things in life. You also meet amazing people that having amazing story's. So I hope that you take me in to consideration because I promise I'll treat your family like it's my own.

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

I make a great caregiver because I genuinely enjoy helping others at their time of need. My ability to create a smile or crack a small joke to make someone feel better or that their situation is ok and normal for them, has given so many people a feeling of acceptance and a lack of feeling embarrassed or a burden during their illness(s). To me that is the most humbling and rewarding thing that can be achieved in a life time. To have the desire, skill and patience to achieve that is a gift. My life goal is to allow others to feel normal and that they have more than just a caregiver to help them with ADL's but a friend, a confidant and a partner in their illness. Going home each day knowing I made a families day better is my favorite part of everyday. You ask what attracted me to caregiving. Well it fell in my lap. I never planned on this when I went to school. One random day I was asked by a friend to help his wife whom had been diagnosed with ALS. The tears of fear, burden, embarrassment and lack of self worth she endured tore me to shreds. I quickly reversed all of that with the extreme amount of patience I have, the way I handled situations and encouraged her intelligence, ideas and beauty. It wound up turning into my need to having her in my life. Since then, in 2006 I have been steadily helping the ALS community with open arms and a humbled heart. Caregiving is something that I loved accidentally. I pay attention to detail so much that it made since why I gravitated so easily to this, having one on one care provides detailed superior care where you can focus and that person has all their needs and wants met unlike nursing homes or adult daycares. I take pride in my work and skills and one on one care allowed me to complete that. That gives me a since of inner self accomplishment. I feel to my core that caregiving is a relationship that has the gift of helping each other.