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I am 48 years old and have the ability to provide daily/weekend care. I am a gregarious, patient and an easy going individual. I have always been drawn to service to others. I started services 28 years ago with the elderly, home bound and in facilities. I later became a foster parent to high behavioral multiple diagnosis' teen girls and was quite successful with the children I had. Afterwards, I became a case manager overseeing children in foster care and working directly with the biological parents in order to complete the needed changes on the plan of care to return the children. During this time, I also worked with hoarders and was successful with these individuals. When the agency I was working for closed, I went to work as a Director of a residential and day service facility for adults with disabilities. Due to the owners of this facility not being in state, the license was not renewed and the company closed. Continuing, I worked as a live in care coordinator for an adult until my services were no longer needed. I believe that the need to be needed is great within me. I care and communicate well in regards to all my clients and do whatever I can to give them the quality of life that they need and deserve. I take care of my client and their home. I make doctor's appointments, follow through with the family after those appointments, grocery shopping, medication set up and distribute, personal care, meals, all things that your family member may need and you know that I will take care of these things and take them off of your plate. Over the last few years I have worked with several clients who had hip surgery or hip replacement. Through consistency and continuity of care, those clients were able to make full recoveries, good success with physical therapy and able to move forward with life while remaining in their home. If desired, I do have references available.
I am a wife and mother to three children. My oldest son is a missionary in Australia and Papua New Guinea. My middle son has high functioning Autism and has required a lot of dedication and care for his 17 years. He has taught me so much about life and helped me to have incredible patience. My daughter is a competitive gymnast and we've dealt a lot with training injuries and healthy eating to keep her body strong. I've been a caregiver for as long as I could remember & took care of my younger siblings. As I grew up, I helped take care of my ailing grandparents. After they passed, I took care of a fabulous woman who had MS and Lupus. I started school to become a nurse but didn't finish because I started having children and wanted to care for them. As they have gotten older, my passion for health care has resurfaced and I'm looking to finally finish nursing school. I am very compassionate, trustworthy, hard working & loyal. I have helped others who have become like family, in very difficult situations such as hospice care and extreme hoarding situations. I am very non judgmental and kind. Often times people have mentioned they are embarrassed at first (by either the state of their home, being unable to care for themselves properly due to health issues, etc), But I have always helped ease their anxieties and embarrassment by just being kind, loving, and patient. I am very professional, but try to help make clients smile or laugh and help make difficult situations a little bit easier. I care about everyone and everything. I have worked with many families to help care for their loved ones and make difficult times, a little less stressful.