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I became a caregiver due to my fiances great grandmother having dementi as well as Parkinson's disease. I decided to help her out and it was just a weekend thing .Eventually became my full time job. Originally I had just volunteered. I just ended up creating a bond with her and became very attached to her. It was something I just really loved. What I like about being a caregiver is: I felt great it makes me feel good to help other people and taught me to be fortunate as well as thankful for my life and my health. I have achieved many things in my life. This by far taught me the love for humanity also to have compassion. I became a bondsman at a very young age and was then licensed as a solicitor for a bonding company. I had my own office at the age of eighteen. I always excel quickly in my positions. Just helping others makes me feel good about myself. Simply knowing I can brighten someone's day. Being promoted within 2 months of having a job in becoming the branch manager for a title loan company straight out of training was a big accomplishment as well. Overcoming all of the setbacks I've had in life. My mother also became very ill, and I had to take care of her as well. She ended up passing so I grew to love everything about care giving. It really hits close to home and I know how I would want my family member treated if my mother was being cared for. I strive to maintain a positive attitude. Care giving is so much more than a job to me . It has helped me to be more grateful of life and people. I'm proud of the person I am and have became. I am a hard worker. I have integrity, compassion, I take pride in what I do. I'm an outgoing person, very kind, like able person, loyal to my employer,dependable, hard working,self sufficient, quick learner and adaptable to any situation. I can assure you I would be perfect for this position due to the fact of my expertise, my knowledge, and my experience.

Skills & Certifications: Home Health Aide (HHA)