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Hi. I love helping people of all ages and relate well with everyone. My degree is in special education. I chose this because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. I taught pre-k students with autism and middle school students with behavior, emotional and learning disabilities. I currently work for a Home Health agency in Florida but am relocating to the Lima area. My clients are diverse in their needs and their ages. Three of my clients are visited in their homes and one in an Alzheimer's center. When I visit my clients, my goal is to take care of their needs, help them to have a great time, keep them happy and smiling and make their day brighter. My philosophy is that I take care of my clients the way I would like my family and friends or myself when the time comes, to be cared for. Most of those in the Alzheimer's center can't really communicate their needs. I have gotten to know most of them and love interacting with them. If it's cold, I get them a blanket. If I think they want a snack, I get them cookies or ice cream. Sometimes we sing or dance or paint...anything to keep them active. I am very passionate about caring for others. I love babies and children as well. I believe that play and social skills are as important as an education. Of course learning can be fun :) It is important to be well rounded. Those who know me would say that I am kind, sincere, genuine, responsible, caring, fun, dedicated, helpful, can multi task,