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what help me be a great caregiver is my compassion for the elderly and for people who need assistance with things they arent able to do anymore ,helping them feel comfortable ,treating them how i would want to be treated .making sure they are just as important to me as if they was my own family member .making sure they feel loved and to never feel less then what they are because they are very important to us all and deserve to be treated great !we are blessed to have them here !to still be apart of the world and our lives .what attracted me to be a caregiver was my granny being in an facility and how she was treated that day at 12 years old i knew i wanted to do whats right for her .and any eldery or anybody that need assistance with their lives from here on out .i wanted to be one of the people to show others that you dont have to be related or it dont have to be a friend to feel obligated to help and comfort .what i enjoy about being a caregiver is being able to be apart of someones life ,to be able to help them and show compassion that someone else do care .they send butterflies to my heart .i enjoy working with them ,i enjoy laughing with them and having great conversations .i enjoy taking in and learning from them i enjoy being the person they can count on and that will always be there as long as i can .a personal achievement i am proud of is just being there ...knowing i made it to work to care ,love and comfort others ,me leabing work knowing i did all i could in my power to comfort and make someone elses day...just by being there.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)