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I retired from state employment as a secretary seven years ago, and decided that I wanted to start a new career, one that would give me an opportunity to be of service to others. Caregiving has been the perfect second career for me. My first job as a care giver was with the Sacramento Senior Companion Program. As a volunteer for that program, I provided care and companionship for four elderly women for one year. I have also provided care to clients through the Seniors Helping Seniors Program, but for the past five years, I have mostly worked for various clients through the County of Sacramento's In-Home Supportive Services Program for 20-30 hours a week. My duties include basic housekeeping, and providing transportation to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, and other locations as needed. I also provide advocacy services for clients with financial, medical, or home service issues; research prescription information; provide home safety advice; and offer companionship. In order to expand on my present skills, I am eager to learn new things associated with care giving, and welcome any questions you may have about my experience and qualifications. At this time, I am hoping to find part time employment, probably in the afternoons, Monday through Friday. Evening employment would be negotiable. I am also open to working weekends, but would like to have at least one day off. My car is almost new, so transportation is no problem. I don't mind commuting but prefer that the job site be no more than 15 miles from my home in Antelope. Thank you for taking the time to review my profile, and I hope we might have an opportunity to work together in the future!
I'm a caregiver because I'm natural and at ease to help people, especially those in their senior years who are incapable of living independently .Some cannot actively function either because of health issues , and some may be just needed company to be able to cope with issues of growing in age. For the past 9years I have been a caregiver,Within those years I have venture out to get necessary traininning too to further serve my clients in a more comfortable, safest and , updated right procedures of carrying out my tasks, I find working in the environment of homes likeable and comfortable. To be able to work and do the very activities I like in my home example cooking,cleaning, gardening, arranging things neatly, and conversation with my clients is so interesting and leads me more to get to know them well. As they they share openly their upbringing, their likes and dislikes, their favourite past times, their favourite food, what ticks and things that irritates them.Out of this open and relaxed conversactions I will venture to serve with ease .With all my years of serving as a caregiver I feel that I have fulfilled an achievement by serving according to how they want to be treated, with respect and dignity,The bond that I always leave behind is always incredible that I normally receive letters of affirmation and appreciation of my service. I become close and be treated like family with family members and friends. What a satisfying feeling that I know I can do this kind of work with Love, Care, and a passion that only God knows how much I love what I do.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)