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I became a caregiver simply because its what is in my heart. I have a passion for helping those who cannot help theirself. If I can put a smile on my residents face or make them laugh, it puts such happiness in my heart. I also became caregiver cause I know all to well how it is to lose loved ones. I know that life isnt remembered by the valuables but about the kind of person you are and that all that is remembered in the end is how you loved and what kind of person you were. I love being a caregiver cause not only am I there for them but without knowing it they are there for me in return. I listen and learn from them. To hear a resident say great things about the care I give is a great feeling but what I love most is a simple Thank you. It assures me that im appreciates and my hard work isnt taken for granted. I love the one on one time that I get to spend with a resident, it also allows me to understand where they are coming from and what their level of need is, due to not all needs being met are physical. The personal achievements that I am proud of are raising money for kids suffering with cancer and becoming a certified nursing assistant. I am a caring person with a lot of understanding and empathy. I really enjoy seeing people get better. I have watched people bounce back from being very ill and near passing. I also know that, that is not always the case. I love this line of work and I know it is God who placed me in scrubs. This is his calling for me and I will contin