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I am a compassionate person, and have always been a motherly type. I started visiting widows and widowers when I moved out into the country at 8 years old. There was a neighborhood widow in her late 80's named Mrs. Bourbina who never seemed to have visitors, and it bothered me, and I pictured her being lonely, and sad, so I started out visiting her by myself, then over several years I made my friends go with me, and I visited her until she just wasn't there anymore. I suppose that my parents did not want me to know that she had passed. Afterwards, I found myself seeking out elderly neighbors wherever I relocated to, and my daughter, and now grand daughter do the same thing. I have worked many years in home care for disabled, and elderly clients with diverse needs. What I get out of it is a sharing of experiences, wisdom, and more compassion that helps me be a better person. What I believe people value in me is my kindness and helpfulness, as well as the willingness to do the uncomfortable tasks involved in caring for someone, while keeping a mild spirit. When hiring a caregiver, it is best to choose someone who really likes people, and wants to learn their history, and aims to be more than just employee/employer. My care is based on trust, compassion, thoughtfulness, as well as being backed up with critical thinking ability, and being observant, and enough so as to notice even small changes in health so that things can be addressed before they escalate into major issues. I gravitate towards jobs that involve interacting with people who need me. I have many talents, and abilities. I am a fine artist, a drywall finisher, and I install vinyl siding, tile, paint interiors, and ecteriors, work in developing darkroom photos, but I always find myself seeking a second, or third job taking care of people, and that is what I like doing, and it is central to who I am as a person. I like to have fun providing care, and always preserve dignity, give respect.