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I am a 44 year old USAF vet, currently a student at Pensacola State College working towards my Biology degree. My ultimate goal is to become a PA, physicians assistant from the University of South Alabama. I am First Aid and CPR cerifified through the Red Cross. I don't have any home health care certifications but I have some knowledge and abilities in the field. In 2013 I moved back to Okc, Ok to care for both my parents. My mother suffered from stage 2 of renal failure as well as diabetes, early stages of Parkinson's, arthritis and Degenerative back diseases. She was bed ridden and had mobility difficulties. My father suffered from COPD, pulmonary fibrosis and high blood pressure. Both my parents required daily help with the usual day to day routine but my duties included; helping them bathe, administer diabetic medicines and constant monitoring which is why I moved into the home with them. I also prepared meals per their request and did the shopping per their instructions. I would also transport them both. Sometime simultaneously to their medical appointments and would often take extra time during this trips to get them out of the house. Both my parents passed in 2015. Taking care of ones parents is an honor and a duty. The amount of dedication and patience required is astounding and I loved being able to do it. I was able to give my parents the loving attention that should be a skill set with any healthcare professional. I have an affinity for the elderly and an extreme sense of compassion for people. That is why when I returned to Florida I decided to finish pursuing my medical degree and become a Physicians assistant..