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LTo tell you a little bit about myself, I am 30 yrs old, graduated in the Philippines with Bachelor in Science in Nursing also an RN there then migrated here in US last Oct. 2009 as a permanent resident.I am currently working for a diabetic client (I do give her insulin shots) in Beverly Hills and would love to find a job closer to where I live (Camarillo) as I am now a new mom to an almost 6 month old precious baby girl. Before this job, I did hospice care assignment in Oxnard, my client died from liver cirrhosis. I also have worked for a client Westlake Village who died in Brain Cancer. I have also worked for 2 clients in Camarillo. In Virginia, I have worked in 2 different assisted living facilities in memory care units which specializes in Alzheimer's/dementia clients. I have also worked in private home care for clients with Alzhiemer's, bed bound, with mobility problems, stroke,diabetes etc. Aside from patient care, I been administering meds to clients. I am a board certified medication aide there, since in Virginia, it is required to be certified before staff could administer meds. Before, I left Virginia, I worked for the City of Virginia Beach on their intermediate care facility for clients with intellectual disabilities, I did patient care and administration of meds, documentation as well as going on their outings. I have experienced giving meds orally, through G-tubes, as well as G-tube feeding and even insulin administration. Also, experienced in getting vital signs and blood sugar level. I would love to take care of your loved ones if given the chance. My client's well being is my utmost concern and taking care of my clients is my passion. My number is 7 5 7 - 7 5 3 - 2 8 4 1. Have a day and hope to hear from you soon. Respectfully, Mavel Jagow
My name is Youlonda Hawk and I am a Certified Personal Care Aide. I first started off taking care of the special needs children in high school an I found myself really enjoying it. Eventually I started noticing that I really enjoyed helping others. 2 years ago my grandmother had gotten very ill and we had to put her in hospice. My family an I started noticing that the facility that she was staying at wasn't doing a very good job, so we decided that it would be in her best interest to live at home. It started out at me taking care of her witch consisted of me rotating her body because she was paralyzed from the waist down. I had to blend all her foods because she was unable to chew I gave her a bath changed her catheters and made sure that she was well groomed. I found myself braiding her hair very often even though she was bed bound she loved looking pretty and having braid, and sometimes to even put a little make up on her. When ever I seen a smile on her face I knew that I was doing a great job. I also would transfer her from her bed to wheelchair so we could go outside and enjoy the scenery and sometimes we even went to the part. One year later she passed away, and I just knew that taking care of the ones in need was my calling. I take great pride in making others happy and putting a smile on other faces. Recently went back to school an received my Personal Care Aide Certificate which I am very proud of. This is just the beginning of something great.