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Hi, my name is Ashley. I'm 27 years old and happily married to my best friend. We have 3 dogs who are our children! I enjoy anything that makes me smile and laugh, and love to give that to others in return. When I was in 7th grade, my great grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. It was hard, but I was determined to spend every school vacation and breaks I could with her as possible! After a short 2 year battle, she passed away just before my freshman year of high school. And ever since then I knew that I wanted to be able to help out our elderly community. I have 2 1/2 years experience as a preschool aide and 3 years of professional experience with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Almost 2 of those years was at a memory care facility in which I was a caregiver and also a med-tech, just before I started working privately. I've worked for my most recent client from November 5, 2018-March 23, 2020. My client lost his battle with Alzheimer's, but has finally found the peace he was longing for. I've created such a special bond with not only him, but with his family, and will forever be grateful for that time they allowed me to spend with him, even through the hardest of times. The thing I love most about being a caregiver, is being able to give all the love I have to them. Whether they want it or not. I never give up and don't shy down from a challenge, even when they're "difficult" to work with. They don't know any better and I feel I'm able to show them all the compassion in the world, and help them live a happier life.