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I was a nurse for 22 years in Lorain Ohio and worked as an LPN in Punta Gorda Florida for approximately 5 years. I have also worked in sales at Dillards in Port Charlotte, Florida for 2 years. I have taken care of patients all my working years .and I loved my job. I love taking care of people and that is why I would love to continue doing what I do best. being a caregiver would be a wonderful experience for me. I am a Retired nurse but I really miss taking care of people. I did not wish to retire. My achievements were being the first nurse to pass meds as an LPN, my extensive work as a nurse at the hospital enabled me to work on every single floor. I was picked to work on Dr. Kolczun"s private floor being a Orthopedic nurse. Orthopedics became my specialty and it was an honor to work with one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the area. It also gave me experience working with the doctors who had to clear the patients, the Heart surgeons we worked with extensively. I was also a great experience to work with the anesthesiologists who also were involved with the patients having surgery. It was an great honor to work with the best staff who took care of these patients. Being a caregiver would allow me to take care of someone one on one which is a very ideal situation to me as a nurse. I would describe myself as a very loving, thoughtful person who enjoys being with people. I was a very good nurse and I did go back to college to get my RN degree and I took several classes b