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Hi I am Elijah Martin, State Licensed Nurse Technician providing professional/ non-medical care services throughout Metropolitan area and surrounding areas to assist families with caring for their elderly and/or disabled loved ones in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. I'll be performing all of your home healthcare needs including: * Performs or assists the patient / client in completion of personal hygiene needs which include: bathing, Skin care, grooming, dressing, oral hygiene and Toileting needs. * Performs or assists patients/client with certain treatments and/or medications which are self- administered, ordered by the physician, approved and supervised by a nurse, and allowed by state law * Serve nutritious meals as prepared to patient/client as directed. * Provide physical support to assist clients with performing daily living activities, transfer in/out of bed, standing, exercising, dressing, walking, bathing and/or using the toilet to accommodate the client's treatment plans provided by physicians, nurses and/or caregivers. * While clients are in my care, they will receive examination for medical symptoms that require medical attention like blood in urine, open wounds etc., * Reminders to take medicines or supplements, routine recorded vital sign checks including blood pressure, respiration and temperatures as directed. When preparing diets for clients, I provide Advise to clients and their families regarding dietary planning, modifying the diet to accommodate the patient, the principles of nutrition and how to select prepare the meal. Understanding that sanitation is important, clients foods are monitored to ensure they receive to best nutrition possible, that it is safe and meets the standards.