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Greetings, My name is Mado Ngoya. When I was in my country of origin, I saw my daughter, out of love, taking good care of her grand-mother, my mother in-law. In 2004 when I came into the US, I said, if my daughter could do it, I can do it better to serve people in need and be compensated to keep roof over my head. In 2006, I took nursing assistant classes at Montgomery college and graduated. Since then, I have been taking care of people in their homes or in the facilities. I worked for Friends House Community Center for 7 years, and I have been with a traditional agency since 2007. I have accumulated experiences throughout these years. Most of my cases ended because the clients passed away. I also challenged myself and took some college courses to prepare for nursing degree, but I decided to drop because of my family responsibilities. At my work, I like the communication I have with my clients, their family members, and my coworkers. This communication enriches my knowledge and enables me to meet new people and sometimes make friends. I feel very useful, especially when I care for a client from when he/she is strong until when he/she cannot lift his/her arm by him/herself. At this point we have build a relationship for being together almost every day and shared knowledge and memories; so I care like I care for my loved friend. I feel proud when I see appreciation in the eyes of family members and they express it in many ways like hugs and words of appreciation.