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I have been a PCA for 20 plus years for special needs young adults and for the elderly in their homes. I love helping people and trying to make their life easier. The fact that I have done this for 20 plus years I feel I have been able to help many and it feels very rewarding. I was very recently recertified as a Certified Nursing Assistant or what we are actually called now is NAR (Nurse Assistant Registered). I was originally certified as a Nursing Assistant in 1977. I had to take a State Board Test so I am registered through the state of Minnesota. I just took a CPR/FirstAid Class and am now recertified in CPR and First Aid. Young and old have told me they loved having me as much as I enjoyed taking care of them. I do it with respect, kindness and patience and I go into their homes to help them be able to live their lives the way they want or need to and in a way that makes them happy. It's not about doing things my way, but helping them accomplish the way to live that they are accustomed to. Once again, helping people is my passion. I took care of my mother when she had cancer and out of my 7 brothers and sisters and I, my mother wanted me to always be there, she said she just felt more comfortable with me there. As sad and as hard as it was to see my suffer, I enjoyed helping her every minute. A couple years after mom passed, dad got sick and needed strong IV antibiotic 5 times a day and he wanted me to help since I had more available time and I felt comfortable doing it . After a couple days of me being there my dad said to me, "I know exactly what your mother was feeling, I feel more comfortable with you here, you just have the nac and your comfortable and it makes me comfortable". Those are the greatest compliments right there. I enjoy this job very much!