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I love taking care of ones that are in need of care. I also love to cook for the past 7 years at a residential care home and for my family. What I like about being a caregiver is that when I help others that really need it and cook for them it makes my heart complete mainly when it puts a smile on their faces. A personal achievement I've accomplished in my life is being at an elderly woman's house while cooking for her and her house catches on fire being of and electric heater being left on by Phylis/nurse and I was able to help the woman get out of her house before she burned along with it. I thank God every time I think about it. If it weren't for me being there that morning, cooking her breakfast she would've past away a week after her husband past. I've cooked and cleaned along with laundry at a boarding home in Boley for 7 years. I've worked in a Nursing Home as a CNA in Okemah for 8 months. My grandma past at that nursing home and I no longer fealt comfortable so I moved on to another boarding home in Prague as a cook for 80 people for 4 months. The heat in the kitchen I couldn't stand so I had to get out of it. I've braided hair for the last 11years and I love helping others that are in need of help and making there days a moment they'll always remember when it comes to me. A profit once told me after he shook my hand that he see me helping a lot of people and God has Blessed me to do just that and more. I love to work, clean, cook, draw, design, sing, care for others,