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I am a wonderful caregiver with an outstanding personality and I love working with the elderly ,i have had the pleasure of working with the elderly for twenty years in all different capacity , I have learn and appreciate each person that I have dealt with, in a different perspective knowing and understanding that each person is a different individual. Personally been a caregiver is a rewarding job, not only are you supporting and care for someone but it is also full filling knowing that you have and will continue to make a difference in someone life give a feeling of fulfillment and total satisfaction. My personal achievement is when the person and the family is contented with the care that their love one is receiving and the person can also feels safe and wholesome at the end of day. I am 47 years old , married with two children and a grand child, I enjoyed have worked with the elderly for twenty years, I am a certified HHA,PCA and CNA, I have worked in the nursing home for four years , I have worked privately as a companion and aide, live in caregiver for six years and I have also work with caregiving agencies. I have experience in assistants with daily living, Medication management , meal preparation, management of a house whole.I am outgoing , friendly, enjoy walking, enjoy conversations ,movies, enjoy learning different things and cooking. I have impeccable references from my pass employers and my availability is immediate.

Skills & Certifications: Home Health Aide (HHA)

I became a caregiver because I experienced first hand what is like to provide care for someone who was no longer capable of performing everyday living activity. I took care of my mother for over five years, and my father for over four years. I have recently also taken care of my brother. I have always liked taking care of others and helping others, but after taking care of family I gained a clear perspective of the need for good caregivers. I love being a caregiver because it makes me feel like my life has purpose and it gives me a fulfillment inside to know I am doing something that is making a difference in someone's life. I am proud to know that I was blessed to be able to take care of both my mother and my father. Some people don't have an option to take care of their elderly parents, but I was blessed to provide care for both of my parents. I am a very empathetic, compassionate, and loving person. I have been pursuing a nursing degree, but it was put on hold to take care of my family members. I was only able to take one or two classes at a time, and then I had to stop taking classes for awhile to be able to give the time needed to family who needed care assistance. I am a graduate vocational nurse I recently graduated from nursing school and I am awaiting to take my licensure examination. I am looking forward to making a difference in lives.

Skills & Certifications: Home Health Aide (HHA), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)