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Personal Assistant (Patient Advocate / Personal Care Coordinator) 2008 - Present Private Residence – Denver, CO Following diagnosis of family member’s rare form of MS, devoted time to securing medical benefits and treatment while managing daily care and operations of the household. I worked multiple positions at a time for the last 10 years. • Accurately completed highly detailed and complex filings for Medicare, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and private insurance COBRA; successfully managed appeal for SSDI and awarded full benefits • Coordinated care with doctors, including gaining referral for specialist capable of handling the rare Marburg Variant MS, an aggressive, malignant form of Multiple Sclerosis • Monitored and managed medications, upholding a high degree of control over expensive prescriptions • Researched and compared pharmacy costs and discovered creative financing for medication not fully covered by Medicare and traditional insurance resources Patient Advocate / Personal Care Coordinator / Personal Assistant​2006 - 2011 Private Residences Provided direct care and assistance to family members, including end-stage cancer patient and senior with cancer, Alzheimer’s and COPD. Oversaw personal finances and maintained the residences. • Researched medical terminology and treatments on an array of conditions • Provided compassionate personal support for family during hospice care • Communicated patient care concerns with doctors, health care providers and insurance, including reviews of prescriptions, treatments, expectations and billing concerns • Helped transition elderly patient into assisted living facility