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Hi, I'm Delphonia! I've known since I was a young girl that helping others was in my spirit. My 1st job at the age of 19 was in a nursing home. I started in the laundry room, but my passion was really in direct care, so ever since then this it's all I've done in some capacity as an HHA, CNA, MA, MAS, Dr's offices, residential care etc.. I believe my many years of experience makes me the perfect candidate to look after your loved one. I looked after both my parents after they had their strokes . Working in nursing homes, home health care, hospitals, afforded me the ability to work with patients of al ages with various health problems. I especially love working with the elderly; the wisdom, knowledge I gain, and sincerity is like no other. There's nothing else I'd rather be spending my time doing. I can truly say that caregiving is my calling. I became a caregiver because I've known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be in the medical field in some capacity. Taking care people was in my blood. I was always the one who bandaged up my baby dolls, or my friends who needed it, or the animals who were hurt, so when I got my first job at a nursing home working in the laundry room and housekeeping, being around those precious residents just solidified my true calling and this is what I was meant to do. I became a NA (nurses' assistant) , now known as CNA's, long before you needed a license, or before you had to go to state board to pass a test, so that was back in the 80's. I was 19 years old and I'll soon be 50. This is what I've done most of my adult life. I don't think of it as a job, or a career, I think of it as just spending time with someone who needs a little extra help in their seasoned years. I absolutely love it. I honestly couldn't see myself doing anything else.
I worked for a company in Massachusetts with the deaf using sign language in a few different group homes. It's not an easy job nor are others but I love what it has to offer; helping people. I am seeking a full time - part time position and trust me you will not be disappointed! I am very caring, loving, diligent and a trustworthy person. I can travel almost any distance. I have my own transportation of course. ( 2011 Nissan Altima & 2014 Dodge Charger ) It is very important that I am on time for all appointments / shifts ( always atleast 10 mins early ) My schedule .... is YOUR schedule. Very Flexible and can make last minute adjustments etc. **My resume is available upon request .. I just have to make the PDF file into a link for easy access to get to. :) .Fluent with ASL (American Sign Language) .Wide experience in providing care and comfort to the elderly .Excellent grasp of basic caregiving procedures .Good ability to maintain all relevant safety standards .Strong knowledge of private facility caregiving practices .Superior ability to work independently .Outstanding skills in coordinating with other professional staff .High skills in identifying potentially unsafe conditions and situations .Sound basic housekeeping abilities including cleaning cooking and laundry Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 774 294 9939, inbox here or via email. Thank You for your time. Also I can submit my resume for previous employers and education Sincerely, your eager future caregiver .. Robert