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I became a caregiver to be able to help those that where in difficult situations become more self sufficient with my assistance. I enjoy providing clients and families with the emotional and physical support that he or she may need and doing what it takes to motivate my clients well being. My biggest challenge was a client that was not from this country nor had beliefs in our medical practices, yet the son did not want to see his mother pass away. After being introduced to situation, I tried several things to help this son have his mother eat or drink, because she was dehydrating at rapid speeds, it was to no avail. She refused everything we tried and became extremely violent when we tried to force liquids into her. After several conversations with the son and due to their religion, I was asked to talk with their high priest to see if he would approve the family to tube-feeding. After several conversations, I was able to convince the priest and family that this was the only way I could think of to have her regain her weight and become stronger, so that we could continue other care with her. The tube was put in for feeding and after three months, the mother had gained 14 pounds and was able to shift herself more in bed. I take my job seriously and try my best to think outside of the box for the benefits of my clients and families. I see each one as an individual and get total satisfaction knowing that I can achieve the goals set for me by each family member o