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Hi my name is Shantavia and I'm the perfect candidate for a caregiver because caring for someone who needs it is the most important reason why I'm on earth today. Everyone wants to be needed from someone. I enjoy meeting different people from different backgrounds. The word caregiver speaks for itself loud and clear to me, caring and showing compassion to someone that wants to be love and have the feeling to want to really live in this crazy world. My personal achievement I'm really proud of is going home knowing that even though I take care of a lot of people including my family, I know deep inside someone heart I bring joy and sunshine. Senior Citizens attract me to being a caregiver, they experiences life already and I can learn a lot from them. But the most important thing I can say about the elderly is that they are human just like the rest of us on this earth and they took care of us young people now its time we put time back in to take care of them. I wake up every morning with a purpose on my mind and that is to help as much people as I can, while I can. I can walk, talk, see and hear, but there's someone out there that can do some or most the things I can do anymore. So I make it my best interest to make sure whoever I'm taking care of see the bright side of there disease or disability by bringing love, care, and my attention to there front door step. This is what a loyal and dedicated caregiver do and should do. Finding personal strength and increasing confidence is my job as a caregiver.

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

I'm very passionate about being a caregiver because I'm able to help the elderly and help them understand that they are not alone. To show them Love, Care, And companionship. Having patience and listening to the needs and wants of others helped me improve myself. What attracted me to caregiving was helping my great grandmother Betty Jones who was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and later on suffered from her Diabetes. Caring for her and listening to her tell me about her younger days on earth really opened my eyes to something special. At that time I was 12 years old so I was pretty young to join the caregiving business. But instead I went on to help my Grandmother with her private clients and learn the ropes and actually get my hands on experience. What I enjoy most about caregiving is actually talking with my clients and giving them that security, Comfort, and love that they long for. I enjoy taking them for walks and listen to them tell me all about their younger day's. The best part overall is being there and giving their family a break time when things get pretty hectic. A personal achievement I am proud of would be having patience and learning myself. As a 21 year old that's still learning and is very opened to other's opinion can be a bit challenging. But by the grace of GOD and giving him my time I've learned how to conquer anything. I've learned that everything doesn't need a reaction and that you are in controlled of your behavior. I've also took the time to help my uncle start a Organization called Kidz4Kidz and that's a huge accomplishment for me. i'm able to help and Guide them and also share my story with them as well