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My name is Eileen, I'm 52 years old. My dream was always to become a RN. I married right after graduating high school, had my first son the following year. My son Joshua was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 3 months of age. He needed all my care no room for school unfourtantly. I became a CNA before his birth in 1982. I continued to work with skilled care residents. In 1993 I began working with MR and MI residents in a group home. I did obtain my certificate for what Illinois called Habilitation Aid. I moved from Illinois to Florida in 1999. I did register my CNA in Florida. I did some private care at first then I worked for Bay County hospital I cared for homosidal and suicidal patients. In 2006 my father took ill and my mother didn't feel she was capable of caring for Dad on her own and was checking into nursing homes. I had made a promise to both parents I would care for them when that time came. I moved to Tennessee to care for my Daddy in 2006. Dad lived for 3 more years. The plan was to go back to Florida with my mother, she couldn't leave. So we stayed here. Unfourtantly because of the plan of moving back to Florida,I never registered my CNA certificate with state of Tennessee. I worked hard at keeping my CNA current. Mom has rheumatoid arthritis and has had heart complications. But lives on her own and does very well. My middle son Matthew and his wife moved here also, and I am a very proud Grandmother of my grandson Noah. I find great satisfaction helping those who can no longer care for them selves. I am a very compassionate, loving person. I love to cook and bake. I'm very loyal. I have no police record. I have a clean driving record. I do look forward to meeting you. I think I have covered everything about me.