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For several years I have cared for my grandmother who needed much care before we lost her. I also assisted my former mother-in-law who suffered from dementia. I have cared for my father-in-law who was 92 years of age and a World War II veteran. I was caring for him up until he passed away in 2016. I've cared for my husband who fought stage 4 cancer and had to be tube fed. I'm currently a full time caregiver/supervisor for an elderly couple. My job consist of administering medications,transportation, bathing,meal preperation and assisting in and out of bed, filing paper work,scheduling,setting appointments. I am fully responsible for all of there needs. The gentleman is 86 and wife is 87 years of age. The gentleman suffered from a stroke and had asperated phneumonia who has to be tube fed. The wife has diabetes and dementia. They will be leaving me soon to relocate and live with there daughter in Kansas City. I have cared for them for almost a year and have grown so attached to them. I will miss them dearly. But I am looking to continue to on caring for the elderly. I have always had compassion and much concern for the elderly. I have always had a nurturing nature. It is more than just a job to me. I always had the need to be there for them and help them in every possible way that I can. I feel that my calling is to be a helping hand and show them love compassion and great concern for there well being. I am working on receiving my CNA certification. But have all the experience needed for the job.