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While I've worked as a caregiver for those with Alzheimer's and dementia in an Assisted Living facility and nursing homes through caregiving businesses, it was freelance home care where I was most proud of my work. While having a worker in your home may not be an easy adjustment, empowering others to keep their lifestyle and relative independence and dignity is the most rewarding aspect of caring. Though assisted living and nursing homes have their place in our society, enabling and assisting someone in their homes is the reason I continue to return to this line of work. One of my proudest moments was helping a woman who needed extra care in a facility. She had suffered a broken hip, heart attack, and mild stroke in one week and needed constant care that the facility couldn't provide. She also suffered from Alzheimer's and needed a great deal of patience and compassion. She could be verbally abusive and many workers took what she said personally. After numerous caregivers attempted to help her, it was myself and one other worker who could serve her needs and she came to treat me as a friend. I have always considered myself a champion of empowerment and encourage folks to keep their lifestyle and personality as much as possible. So many I've cared for have taken care of their families and communities and it's an honor to be of service to those who have been of service to others throughout their lives. I imagine myself in their position and treat them how I hope to also be treated when I'm such a condition.
I am your best choice when it comes to finding a caregiver for your loved one .I am very outgoing Energetic & Loving caregiver with 10+ years of homecare and hospice exp. Im an exellent caregiver because I have a great deal of exp and knowledge I've worked and have exp in every field of caregiving there is .Memphis 6 too 8 six7 for 7 is where my exp is attainable. I Have great knowledge and exp in Hospice,Home care,Cna,Mental Health just to name a few .Im ideal for your loved one because I have a general love and compassion and desire to provide exellent reasonalbly priced care to all my clients . My clients are very delighted with my work and Know how I have excellent referreces.Im a people person and I believe in making my clients feel loved,secure ,comfortable,safe and well cared for.I absolutely love being a caregiver because it is very rewarding & Fufilling to know I'm helping someone or brightening their day by enhancing their quality of life and doing what I absolutely love .Besides assisting client with daily skills of living I read and do activities,prepare tasty Nutritional Meals and much more . I am very attentive I do hair and nail care with clients as well . I will treat your loved one with respect,compassion and dignity . I provide excellent care and most important treat my clients with respect,love & dignity. A personal achievement I'm proud of is becoming a home health provider in 1996 because I have brought joy and comfort to others for many years and have made a great impact on many lives. I have 10+ years exp outgoing personality & very detail orientated and reliable im in the Memphis Area6 too 8sixsevanfor7 :)