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15 years Caregiver Experience taking care of male and female. Work experience Medical assistant, Phlebotomy and Hospice care. I have many video References. I love working as a caregiver it allows me to care for one person and give all my attention to that person. Alzheimer's, dementia and Hospice Assistance care. -Training: Become a caregiver, duties of a caregiver, ethic and professional rights, communicating with others, understanding clients rights, promoting client Independence, understanding elder abuse, human needs and development, body systems and the aging process, common chronic diseases in the Aging population, common communicable disease in the Aging population, handling difficult behaviors, Burns and poisons, heart attack and shock, choking and fall, stroke and wounds, other sudden emergencies, infection control, environmental hazard and safety, promoting and maintaining good mobility, nutrition and hydration, elimination and toileting.--- I have many Video References. ----- REFERENCE: I would highly recommend Rene for caregiver position he is all the things you would want in a caregiver intelligent, compassion, confident, kind and has total commitment to his client's well being. Hire him and you will be glad you did. ------REFERENCE: I Recommend Rene as a caregiver he took care of my father, he has experience and high quality of care, professional compassionate total commitment to his job. Carmela .--------REFERENCE: I strongly recommend Rene for the position of caregiver. He has total commitment to his clients. Victoria. ------REFERENCE: I recommend Rene he is a true professional caregiver. Mr Dasai Chino Hills-------------- American Red Cross-Adult CPR, AED and First Aid Certified. Meets OSHA requirements.
My name is Jordan, i am a student currently studying to become a Registered Nurse. I graduated Cypress High School in 2014 where i obtained my CNA license the summer i graduated. Having my CNA i immediately went into the healthcare field where i was expose to all different work environments. I worked from a Lab setting to Hoag Hospitals even being welcomed into the homes of families. Shortly after being a CNA I went onto obtaining my Phlebotomist license wanting to gain more experience within the vase field to be able to help out in the long run. I feel in love with being a caregiver once i obtain my CNA license knowing that i was a help to someone who was still capable of helping myself better navigate through life. What attracts me the most of being a Caregiver is the knowledge i gain from the clients i worked with the past. Being able to come into someones life that needs my assists with the smaller items around the house to gain more knowledge about them as they grew through life is what drives me as a Caregiver to always be there when i am needed. I currently do work for Quest-diagnostics throughout the day caring for members throughout the country with special needs. In my spear time i am always seeking to help out with loved ones around their home or with any medical task that might be tough for the family to assist with from time to time. I worked with patients who needs constant help with colostomy bag care, to Alzheimer's disease even blood draws . With my years of experience in the Medical field i have worked in variety of atmosphere when it comes to caring for loved one.