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I have been a caregiver for over 10 years and have found it to be the most rewarding and enjoyable position I've held. I very much enjoy connecting one on one with people and I get a great sense of happiness knowing that I am directly helping a person who needs my help. I have been described as extremely patient and calm, and I find that those traits greatly help my ability to be a good caregiver. When people begin to age and/or their health deteriorates, life generally moves at a slower pace for them. Their ability to move quickly and to think quickly declines and it is very important for caregivers to be patient with them. That is something that comes naturally for me. I have learned how to balance the tasks of offering the person my physical help, and my companionship. I recognize that companionship is a very important part of this job! As far as the physical help I offer to my clients (cleaning, meal prep, toileting, grocery shopping, etc...) I am not one to sit idle. There is always something to be done around a home and, rather than watch tv (unless that's what the client wants me to do now and then!) or play on my cell phone, I will happily do them. Growing up with a mother who always cooked meals from scratch, I learned a great deal about cooking. I love to cook and bake, and am always up for making good, healthy meals from scratch. Whether I'm assisting my clients while they work in the kitchen, or doing the bulk of the cooking myself, I am great in the kitchen and love to provide great food for my clients. I can offer very satisfied reference, whether they come from the families of past clients or from fellow caregivers I've worked beside in the past. I am flexible schedule-wise and am used to the flexibility that is necessary to work with a rotating team of caregivers.