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Small time entrepreneur, currently in the Digital Marketing Space: Seeking a fulfilling role as a (3rd shift) caretaker. Personality Traits: Professional Easy Going Humorous Compassionate Empathetic I was attracted to such a role for 2 reasons: . I am currently doing volunteer work assisting the blind and have found such a position to be very rewarding and has helped me discover my passion for helping people .My friend has been working as an in home caretaker for years. I have met her "clients" throughout the years on multiple occasions and have been drawn into working in a such an environment. I have also heard how a minority of caretakers were mistreating their clients and hearing such was very upsetting. I see my friend's passion for her job and it is her who had recommended me try to enter the field. I am approaching such an opportunity with the mindset that this is more than a job. I will be working many hours in someones Home. Where they eat, sleep, live. I plan on making my client as comfortable in their environment as much as possible and building the unavoidable bond that will grow naturally from me working in such an environment. I realize that families are seeking caretakers for their family member(s) that treat their role than more than a job. Which would be my case because financially I have an existing business. ( ) This isn't a role I am seeking simply because "I need a job" but because I want to help people and I know I can make a difference.