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I come from a family of individuals who have dedicated their life to the bettering of less fortunate individuals. A mother who has worked with mentally handicapped children for over 20 years, an aunt and uncle who currently care for and assist mentally handicapped adults, and a cousin who also works with elderly persons to better their standards of living and independence. This instilled in me a sense of compassion for those who cannot care for themselves, and motivated me to join them in this mission. My favorite part about being a caregiver, has been those times when I was able to help share an experience with someone who otherwise may have never been able to enjoy it again in their lifetime. I also enjoy gaining insight from the wisdom that my clients have obtained over the course of decades before me. I especially am drawn to persons who have served in the armed forces, and lived through some of the roughest times in world history. They are the true hero's in this life, and often don't get the attention they deserve. While I recognize that certain tasks involve some level of discomfort for many individuals, such as bathing and even simply inviting a stranger into ones home, I have become accustomed to these struggles, and have learned how to minimize that apprehension, while still maintaining the clients decency and feeling of privacy. My goal is to provide the support needed to give back whatever the client feels they have lost, and give peace of mind to family, knowing that their loved ones are safe even when they cannot be there for them.