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Want to know more about Caregivers?

RN stands for Registered Nurse. Prior to receiving this title one must complete at minimum an associates degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelors of science degree in nursing (BSN). With these qualifications in hand a RN holds many daily caregiving duties. Some common duties include: administering medication, updating patient records, inserting IV’s, giving shots, and providing emotional care and support. RN’s supervise all types of caregiving from hospitals to in home care.

What is a CNA?

CNA is short for a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA’s are caregivers in all aspects of the non-medical field, assisting nurses and patients. Their daily duties include: feeding, bathing, dressing patients, keeping patients rooms clean, setting up medical equipment, giving medication reminders, observing patients daily behavior, taking note of changes in patients behavior. These caregivers are essential in the process of helping with the much-needed care of patients in hospitals as well as home care.

What are the daily duties of a companion caregiver?

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