Rose G.

$20.00 / hr

I began my caregiving career as a skilled CNA in a nursing home at the Care Center in Oakdale. Once I perfected my skills and with the proper work-methods, I resumed my work ethics at Oak Valley Hospital in the Rehabilitation Center; and was promoted by The Director of Nursing to a RNA position ( Restorative Nursing Assistant) working directly with professionals such as PT, PTA, Speech Specialists, RNs and Doctors. It was my absolute pleasure to see my patients regain their health and return home to loved ones. With my acquired experience and knowledge, great compassion and kindness, I became an indepe ndent caregiver and have worked as a private caregiver for over 15 yrs. I love what I do. I have met many wonderful clients and family loved ones; and graciously, I have received many letters of recognition. Through my caregiving process, I have worked diligently along side Hospice, applying my nursing skills to bring comfort to dying patients. My goal is to bring a quality of life to my clients with much joy and with a compassion filled with gentle kindness. Please see letters of recommendation and summaries of some of my caregiving positions below. ... more

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Caregiver - Letter of Recommendation


Jan 2000 - Mar 2017

Other letters available upon request.


Caregiver - Letter of Recommendation - excerpts

Judy Burden - 707-486-5742

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

Rose provided loving, tender care to my 90 year old mother for 5 months in her home. My mother was ambulatory and able to provide for her own basic needs at first, but her condition worsened so that she needed help with all her personal care and was bedridden at the time of her death. Mom had many medical issues and short-term memory loss. Rose is quiet spoken, has a great sense of humor, immediately bonded with my mother, a nd was always very patient, kind and gentle. She was helpful in making suggestions to help my mom stay out of pain. She knew when to encourage my mom to do things for herself and when she needed help - giving mom her respect and dignity. She helped with anything that was needed. She saw things needed to be done and just did them. She was easy to talk with, very positive, and arrived ahead of time for each shift. She has great judgement - I had total trust in leaving mom in her care, especially dispensing the medications which varied daily. When mom saw Rose, mom reached out her arms to give her a hug and called her name with a smile, letting us all know that she was so glad to have her here. Many times mom asked for Rose to help her, trusting that Rose knew best how to help her. When I needed a caregiver to help the last days of our mom's life, Rose stayed with me 24 hours/day until she passed. I highly recommend Rose - please call me for any information. ... more


Caregiver - Letter of Recommendation - excerpts

Cindy Brannon 209-848-4600

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

It is my pleasure to recommend Rose Gebhart for employment as a caregiver. I first met Rose when she began caring for my mother-in-law last year who required 24 hour care. Rose was responsible for many aspects of her care including meal preparation, dispensing medication and insuring healthy personal hygiene. When care was not needed, she would sit and visit with her which I know my mother-in-law enjoyed immensely. Ro se communicated well with the other caregivers and always kept the family informed of my mother-in-law's condition and welfare. When I fell in 2016 and broke my knee, I needed the help of a caregiver. Of the caregivers she had, Rose stood out above the rest so it was an easy decision to call her. She was a life saver for me. She prepared any foods I requested and I was able to eat healthy and regain my strength. I was unable to drive so she went to the grocery store, pharmacy and took me to a few doctor appointments. She helped me shower and completed any housecleaning I requested. She instructed me on how to use my crutches and adjusted them as was needed. She helped me in the transition from wheelchair, crutches, to walker. When I started physical therapy at home, she oversaw it to confirm I was performing it correctly. Rose was always punctual, dependable and professional and has a very friendly demeanor. I would highly recommend Rose as a quality caregiver - please feel free to contact me. ... more


Caregiver-RNA-Restorative Nursing Assistant

Cecelia Household Care

Aug 2014 - Dec 2015

Job was a referral from above employer. Also elderly married couple. Male patient had just been released from hospital and had experienced a couple of falls at home. This job involved first and foremost a gentle and positive approach. I knew that if I could gain his trust, he could begin his rehabilitation with my guidance. This individual had Alzheimer's with anger, Depression , High Blood Pressure with a prior Stroke- surgery for Arteriovenous Malfunction. This job involved applying my nursing skills teaching my client how to use a walker : stand ,balance, step, pivot to wheelchair. Once he mastered this exercise, his confidence and quality of life flourished. With my guidance, activities of daily living became an accomplishment of pride and joy. With daily exercise and good hygiene, he was able to sit at the table with his wife and enjoy fine dinning , 3 home cooked meals a day. ... more


Caregiver- RNA-Restorative Nursing Assistant

Olga Homecare

Apr 2010 - Oct 2013

I was employed for 4yrs with this family. Care involved an elderly couple. The Male individual had congestive heart failure. The Female individual had arterial sclerosis in addition to high blood pressure and type II diabetes. Care involved daily exercise with a walker, enforcing a low sodium diet, good hygiene, administration of Doctor prescribed medication, monitoring blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and the promotion of po sitive emotional support. Both patients required 24 hour care. Both clients became bedridden at different times during my employment and required individualized Care. I worked closely with Hospice to perform my nursing duties for their physical and emotional needs, leading to a peaceful passing. ... more


Caregiver - Letter of Recommendation

Tom Lewis 406-761-5595

Apr 2010 - Sep 2013

It is my pleasure to recommend Rose Gebhart for employment. Ms. Gebhart provided outstanding in home health care services for several years to both of my parents, who were extremely disabled and totally dependent upon caregivers. Through her excellent services, we have been able to provide for my parents and keep them in their family home as opposed to placing them under less appealing institutional care. Duri ng her employment, Rose was responsible for every aspect of my parents' care, including preparation of meals, handling or dispensing their medication, insuring healthy personal hygiene, and notification of the family and medical care providers in the event of emergencies or changes in my parents' medical condition. Rose was always reliable and punctual in meeting her obligations to my parents and our family. She kept us well informed as to my parents' condition and welfare. She is a person of high moral character, who always placed my parents' best interests first. I strongly recommend Rose Gebhart without reservation for any position of trust within her employment background. ... more


Caregiver - Letter of Recommendation

Karen Mihok, BA, PTA/REHAB Coordinator

Dec 2005 - Nov 2009

I have known Rose Gebhart for over ten years. During this time, she has proven to be one of the most honest, kind, empathetic, resourceful, energetic and supportive individuals and friends I can count on. I worked five years with her at a hospital/skilled nursing unit where she proved to be an outstanding CNA/RNA. She always arrived on time and put in 110% going above and beyond the call of duty with her pa tients and co-workers. She was thorough and professional with her patients, making them comfortable and feeling at ease. She was very knowledgeable with our rehab patients which made them safe and secure in their treatment protocol. She was able to learn new techniques and procedures quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending Rose Gebhart for any position she is applying for. Please feel free to telephone me for any further information that you might need in assessing this wonderful person. Cell: Karen Mihok 209-985-7993 ... more


CNA-RNA-Restorative NursingAssistant

Nursing home skills for 24hr Care; Skilled team member for rehabilitation of patients optimal health and release to home

2000 - 2015


Stanislaus University


2005 - 2010


Bella Art, Rome Italy

While in Rose, Italy, I studied art and worked as au pair with an Irish/Italian family, caring for their three small children.

1976 - 1979


Brea Olinda HS

Advanced courses for college admittance

1970 - 1973