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My inspiration for becoming a caregiver came from my experience raising 2 children with developmental challenges. Both of them are wonderful, successful, independent and completely well balanced adults. When my autistic son was about 8, the doctors told me he would never be able to live independently. He now works with people with autism, has had a paper about autism published, has a computer repair business on the side, is a professional photographer, is a part of the Montavilla Emergency Warning Shelter, in Portland, OR working specifically with severe weather readiness, and is also street medic. My other son is in his senior year of college about to earn dual degrees in Elementary Education and Ministry, and is on the Dean's list. I realized that my passion was seeing the needs of a person and finding the right, personal method to create a healthy, successful and happy life for my clients, and never placing limits on what they can do. I have worked with a variety of children and adults with varied needs. I currently work with a senior who enjoyed scrabble and word searches, in their past they loved to do wood working so we do as much of that as they are physically able. My method is to get to know my client, their past hobbies, interests and then continue doing those activities (yes sometimes I have to get creative due to medical needs, my current client has some vision loss, so I have acquired a large, black and white scrabble set). Talking to seniors about their past is also enjoyable as is listening to their favorite music!
Caregiving is so rewarding....Just a mere. "Thank you for doing this for me, for helping me!" from all your patients makes you feel so good=:) Caregiver job is hard work and I appreciate all the Caregivers. As a CAREGiver, you provide a variety of non-medical services that allow seniors to remain in their homes. These services generally fall under three categories: Companionship Home Helper Personal Care Companionship services are those that stimulate, encourage and assist an individual. The primary responsibilities of Companionship services include the following: Providing companionship and conversation Providing stabilization and assistance with walking Preparing meals and cleaning up meal-related items Providing medication reminders and appointment reminders The primary responsibilities of Home Helper services include the following: Performing light housekeeping tasks (dusting, vacuuming, making beds, changing linens, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) Washing and ironing laundry Running errands Accompanying clients to appointments Personal Care services are personal in nature and often include assistance with activities of daily living. The primary responsibilities of Personal Care services include the following: Assisting with bathing Assisting with grooming Assisting with toileting and incontinence issues I am creative personable, results-oriented professional with my brilliant educational background and exceptional tender loving care to my patients.