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I am a Prime Factor caregiver Seeing the need of another and providing the care in which a client need. I have over 20years experience with a sense of empathy, patience, attentiveness very respectable. I am also honest, trustworthy, very dependable, reliable, compassionate, and have a Realistic outlook on caring for the elderly. I love working with the elderly my main goal in this field is to treat my clients like I would like to be treated. My specialty is Alzheimer's/Dementia I am very experience with a lift and bathing , observe medication dispense, and very good with meal preparation, I also engage and encourage daily activities, and follow the care plan. I also provide light house cleaning, provide companionship to clients needs, I also maintain a safe,clean and healthy environment. What attracted me to this field as a young girl I was raised by my grandparents and my grandfather had a major stroke and he had to learn everything all over and @ the age of 12 I told him we would get threw this so I told my grandmother to schedule every therapy after school in which she did so everything they did I wrote down and practice with him the days and weekends they did not come and also speech therapy so this what got me into care giving. I took care of him as well as my grandmother so to me this is why things comes so natural for me in this area of work. If you would like references I can provide during interview.
I am a very committed, loving, reliable and patient caregiver with over 15 years experience in both hospitals as well as the community ( patients homes/ hospices). I do impart what I do for my children at home in my clients homes; for the bulk of patients needing care are of the geriatric age with most times, underlying dementia probably secondary to stroke ( which could be mild, moderate or severe). With such clients one needs to exercise patience, tolerance, vigilance and also maintain their dignity; the latter in the way of grooming and keeping the environment clean, feeding at the right time, exercising ( if they can) and sleeping at the right time too. Keeping them engaged helps to dampen the loneliness that is so common among the elderly today! Because I am a "peoples" person, I enjoy being around patients/clients, listening patiently and responding verbally or providing their needs promptly. Having managed a lot of geriatric patients over the years, I am able to recognize a probable Urinary tract infection/ chest infection; they tend to get confused; in such situations I know to contact a doctor's office promptly. I am a believer of "if you don't document, it never happened "; so good documentation skills as well as organizational skills are some of my traits that have been beneficial in jobs where I did work independently. I do look forward to providing my style of care to any interested client! I am a health care professional taking a career break and have decided to extend my expert care to patients especially at home; exclusive of treatment/ management.