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When my husband and I relocated to Henderson County two years ago, we found ourselves in a very different world from the New York City area where we lived and worked for thirty years. Starting over again was an exciting but stressful endeavor. I looked around me to see where I could fit into my community and decided that my values and experience might make me a good caregiver. I signed up with a local agency in July of 2012 and have been working as a senior caregiver since then. Some of my client duties have been light house cleaning, helping to organize medication schedules, running errands, providing transportation, and light cooking. I have also aided clients with a minimal amount of personal care, such as standing by for showers and helping with dressing and grooming. Some of my clients have had issues with loss of short term memory and early stages of dementia. I feel that I have been instrumental in keeping these people happy, safe and organized despite this handicap. It has been gratifying, providing these services, but the nicest part of my work has been developing trust and affection between my clients and myself. I am also very interested in having a good relationship with clients' family and friends, so that we can behave as a strong social support for these individuals. Before I began working as a caregiver, I enjoyed a career in New York as a classical ensemble singer with the New York City Opera, a company which, sadly, is no more. There is no large opera co